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News 2020

New product to treat and remove both marine growth and scale build-up fromany seawater cooling equipment, piping systems and vesselhulls

Clean drinking water is the world’s biggest problem. In most cases, water is filled with microorganisms, pesticides and other undesirable substances.    Drinking water is often stored, on smaller yahcts, in water tanks which are at high risk of contamination by microorganisms which will adversely affect the herd. We can ensure clean drinking water with a significant reduction in pesticides.

HENCO 9090/free chlorine is pH neutral. Free chlorine is naturally produced in the body to fight inflammatory conditions. HENCO 9090 is made of water, salt and a little power. It is the world’s most effective liquid disinfectant. Harmless, environmentally friendly and effective. No risk of bacterial immunity No risk of skin and mucosal problems

HENCO 6050. A powerful resolution for the remediation of spills, maintenance cleaning and operations for: Environmental Clean-up – Oil Industry – Gas Industry – Mining Industry

HENCO 9090. Safe and effective sanitisation and cleaning of allfood preparation surfaces, including meat cutting and preparation.

• No taint and odour.

• Non-hazardous.

• Washing fruit, vegetables and   salads to clean and eliminate microorganisms.

• Safe and effective for use in restaurants, pubs, cafes, canteens, coffee shops and food processing plants.

HENCO 9090. The world’s best and most effective liquid disinfectant.

• Frequently touched surfaces, including the steering wheel, door handles, shift lever, any buttons or touch screens, wiper and turn signal stalks, passenger and driver door armrests, grab handles, and seat adjusters must be cleaned thoroughly and disinfectedto minimize the risk of spreading infection.

Are your driveway or terrace tiles affected by ants?


MYREVAND can help you keep them away while stabilizing your tiles.

• 100% non toxic – environmentally friendly product.

• Myrevand is ”fluid soil” made of very fine clay and water that deeply penetrates small ant trails and fills up cavities.

• When MYREVAND penetrates the small ant trails and fills up the cavities – then you move the ants to other areas where they do no harm.

• Minimize the risk of subsidence damage of your tiles



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