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Activated Water (ECA WATER)

Committed to providing technologies in the field of bacterial disinfection

Production: Certificate of Approval ISO 13485

Surface Sanitizer

Activated Water: Surface Sanitiser kills 99.9% of germs and removes odours in seconds.


An effective and natural approach to improving environmental health and reducing food spoilage

Safe and clean water for commercial and industrial applications

Water quality in any facility is critical to human health. The addition of Activated Water to any water supply in a commercial or industrial application can ensure safe and clean water for the building and its tenants.


Our system produces a highly effective, genuinely pH neutral, electro‑chemically active, metastable disinfectant without the use of toxic chemicals.

A minimal dose of the disinfectant agent is injected into water pipelines to provide non-toxic disinfection without altering the potability of the water.

The world’s best and most effective liquid disinfectant. General disinfection and cleaning.

• Activated Water is harmless to humans, animals and the environment.

• Activated Water is a highly effective disinfectant that effectively kills microorganisms. Activated Water is approved for use without subsequent rinsing.

• Activated Water is free chlorine which is also naturally produced in the body to fight inflammatory conditions. No microrganisms have survived the encounter with Activated Water and no microorganisms that form resistance.

How Activated Water Works

•Activated Water is the product of a special electrolysis of mineralized water and is produced by an ECA machine which converts the water into efficient biocide using electricity. The active component of Activated Water is free chlorine (HOCl), which is the most effective chlorine disinfectant in liquid form.

Why use Activated Water?

• Very effective biocide achieving comprehensive and rapid elimination of all bacteria, viruses, fungi, moulds and spores. • No resistance or mutation of micro-organisms. • Very safe to handle and use – non hazardous, non-toxic, non-allergenic, non-irritant. • Produced by macro-organisms (including humans) as a natural defence compound against infection and is created in vivo when the human immune system destroys pathogens. • Will aid healing process in rashes, cuts, fungal infections. • No hazardous impact if ingested or sprayed into eyes, or on skin contact. • Totally safe to use around babies, children, the elderly, pets and food.

Fast and Global

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Where to use

• Offices • Kitchens and canteens • Washrooms • Food outlets and bars • Hotel and Leisure facilities • Reception and public areas • Health, dental clinics and hospitals • Care homes • Schools and Nurseries • Transport systems • Prisons • Airports.

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