Joint venture

“Water from the Air, for All, Anywhere”.

“Water from the Air, for All, Anywhere”.  To allow fresh water to flow independently, indefinitely and ecologically, wherever the world faces critical water shortage

To generate pure and natural water, directly where it is consumed, with no transportation costs, without using fossil fuels and without exhausting natural resources

To provide unlimited clean drinkable water, at a lower price than any other existing systems

WATER is an

ESSENTIAL element to Life.

Modern solution

It is the only patented system of its kind in the world and its power comes from its energy compression capacities.  Energy compression is obtained through the extreme optimisation of the system’s functional parts (condenser, cooling generator, regulator…), whose parameters are automated.

An Economical solution

Energy consumption varies between 100 and 30 Watts per litre. It is 50 W at 25°C and 70% humidity the liter, significant difference compared to current standards.

A solution Respecting the environment

Our technology allows us to produce atmospheric water with various energy sources : solar, gas or electric, with a low environmental impact.